Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Seer and The Sword

Title: The Seer and The Sword

Author: Victoria Hanley

Rating: 3 stars

Summary: Legend states that there exists a mighty sword that makes its possessor invincible to his enemies. But there is a curse on anyone who lifts the sword for conquest. King Kareed of Archeld goes after this sword anyway, winning it from the King of Bellandra. When he returns home from battle, he brings his daughter, Princess Torina, two special gifts. One is a unique crystal, in which she can view visions of the future. The other gift is the defeated king’s son Landen, who is to be her slave. Torina immediately releases Landen, who becomes a member of the King’s army and her close friend.
But trouble is lurking in the kingdom of Archeld and people are accusing Landen of plotting against the King. Torina refuses to believe he would hurt her family. Then Torina begins seeing deadly visions in her crystal. Can she save her father’s life and the future of her kingdom?

Review: One of my best friends has been trying to get me to read this book since the fifth grade, but I waited until now to read it. It's not amazing, but it's a beloved classic you'll want to re-read over and over again. A book like this I would normally give 4 stars, but I couldn't really connect with the characters. They were like some distant relatives you know exist, but don't actually know.

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