Sunday, January 1, 2012

Guardian of the Dead

Title: Guardian of the Dead

Author: Karen Healey

Rating: 1 star

Summary: Set in New Zealand, Ellie's main concerns at her boarding school are hanging out with her best friend Kevin, her crush on the mysterious Mark, and her paper deadline. That is, until a mysterious older woman seems to set her sights on Kevin, who is Maori, and has more than just romantic plans for him. In an effort to save him, Ellie is thrown into the world of Maori lore, and eventually finds herself in an all-out war with mist dwelling Maori fairy people called the patupaiarehe who need human lives to gain immortality.

Review: Ugh. I was seriously dissapointed by this book. The summary intriuged me, so I checked it out of the library (obviously). In the middle there was about twenty pages where I was totally confused and had no idea what was going on. Also in the very middle was this major fight scene that should have happened near the end of  the book. Then I had to suffer through another one hundred-fifty pages all the while thinking to myself, "Why hasn't this book ended yet?" Ellie didn't really do anything; she just followed other people around and complained. Mark annoyed me; he was always saying, "I love you, but I can never touch you or be near you. I am a monster and I hate myself." Seriously, Mark? Get over yourself.

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