Monday, April 16, 2012

Author Interview: Megan Crewe

Megan Crewe is the author of The Way We Fall, Give Up the Ghost, and several short stories. (You can read my review of The Way We Fall here)

Me: Where did you get the idea for The Way We Fall?
Megan Crewe: I had a dream after reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which features zombies. Zombies are often created by a virus, and I realized that a was really scared of viruses so I decided to write a book about a virus.

Me: Did you want to be a writer growing up?
MC: Yes. It started as a hobby, and in junior high I realized that people really enjoyed the stories I was writing, so I turned it into a career.

Me: How long did it take you to write The Way We Fall?
MC: I planned for about a year, and then it took me five months to write the first few drafts.

Me: Did you plan before you started writing?
MC: Kind of.  I figured out the beginning, some of the middle, and the end, then filled in the gaps.

Me: How did you develop the virus for the book?
MC: I did lots of research, then ,made a list of the scariest symptoms. I chose the ones that worked best with the story.

Me: If you were in the book, would you be helping people at the hospital, or stealing all the food and killing infected people?
MC: I would look after my family and close friends, making sure they were safe and had enough food, but that's it.

Me: Did you base any of the characters off of yourself?
MC: Kaelyn and I share some characteristics. As a teenager, I was a bit awkward and I loved animals, like Kaelyn.

Me: How much of an impact did your editor have on your book?
MC: My Editor changed some of the subplots and added the bit of romance.

Me: What will the third book in the Fallen Trilogy be about?
MC: There were originally only going to be two books, but I was writing the second one and realized that I still had more story to tell. The third book will mainly be a continuation of the second.

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